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Above the Index Asset Management Pty Ltd (ATI) [ACN 111 239 591 / AFSL 295904] was established in September 2004 as a boutique Australian equity manager, specialising in the manufacturing of long only Australian equity portfolios. ATI's investment style is premised on a ‘relative value' methodology, meaning that investments are generally purchased and held as long as they represent relatively good value.

ATI was appointed by Zurich Financial Services Australia Pty Ltd in September 2008 to manage its Australian Value Share Fund. ATI currently manages the Zurich Australian Value Share Fund and is a manager within the Zurich Balanced Fund.

OneVue Limited, formerly Direct Portfolio Services Ltd, appointed ATI as the manager of their in house portfolio mandates in 2005. 

Advance Asset Management appointed ATI as the manager of their BT Partner Australian Shares Value Fund in May 2011.  

In November 2014, ATI entered into an agreement to provide a concentrated Australian equity model portfolio to Mosaic Portfolio Advisers Ltd. The model portfolio is available for use within the Managed Portfolio Service available through the SFG Australia Limited adviser network.

Ascalon Capital Managers (100% subsidiary of Westpac) forms long term partnerships with leading alternative and high conviction fund managers in Asia Pacific and is a 33% shareholder in ATI. The remaining equity in ATI is held by the principals, directors and staff.ATI utilises the Ozport portfolio management system to administer and manage its mandates. The Zurich product is offered under a unit trust structure and the OneVue product offering utilises a SMA structure.

ATI is able to tax effect transactions by identifying the cost base of the parcels of shares that it proposes to sell in a rebalance or when exiting a stock position. The Ozport system uses a tax optimiser to identify the highest cost base parcel of shares bought within the last 12 months (or outside of 12 months taking into account the CGT discount) and sells these first. Further analysis of parcels approaching the 12 months holding period and the 45 day holding rule for franking credits are also taken into account in the rebalancing process.

There is growing recognition that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors may impact the value of a company. ATI as a contemporary investment manager has been improving its capacity to better understand ESG factors and enhance their integration into its investment process. ATI has adopted and is a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and has initially incorporated into its Qualitative Assessment Score (QAS) specific fundamental and quality factors that relate directly to ESG issues.