stock selection

Our investment style is premised on a relative value methodology, meaning that investments are generally purchased and held as long as they represent relatively good value. In essence, we focus on selecting those companies whose share prices appear cheap relative to the universe of stocks and the industry sector that they are in. 

Our investment philosophy is that stocks trade in a range that tends to mean revert around an average or through the cycle relative  multiple. Implicit in this philosophy is the assumption that the market places a greater emphasis on nearer term earnings forecasts when pricing stocks.

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option strategies

We are specialists in creating bespoke option strategies to mitigate risk, provide diversification and generate income. 

strategic advice

We provide strategic financial advice in relation to ASX listed investments, corporate opportunities and option strategies.

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Above the Index Asset Management Pty Ltd (ATI) was established in September 2004 as a boutique Australian equity manager, specialising in the manufacturing of long only Australian equity portfolios. ATI’s investment style utilises a relative value methodology.

Our investment style is strongly based on the relationship between forecast earnings, relative market rating  and the current share price. 

We add value for clients by portfolio out-performance that arises from adding alpha  subject to appropriate risk constraints and bespoke option overlays. We have a disciplined investment process, in-built risk controls and  client management systems.

We manage individual portfolios for wholesale clients adjusting levels of tracking error, portfolio concentration, and stock specific risk.